Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh man...

I love my job.
I love that special time of year when we take photos for the company retreat.
Just thought i'd share this with you guys, not that anyone cares at all what the people I work with look like.

From Left to right: Gary, Candice, Brittany, Kim, Kristen, Liz.
Bottom Row: Dennis, Chad, Ed
I'd give anyone 5 dollars if they could tell me which 4 of that group are deaf :)

We thought it would be funny to climb in Chad's car and take a picture(I do not know why I was smiling like that). It was funny. Especially when....

I couldn't get out!!!

Anyway, we're a crazy bunch but it sure is fun.

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ALF said...

Ohhh - that looks like so much fun. I'm jealous. My job sucks ass.