Thursday, August 28, 2008


Call I got this afternoon-

Me: Sorenson Communications Moving Program, how may I help you?
Customer: I want coffee.
Me: Haha what?
Customer: I called to order my coffee.
Me: *trying not to laugh* Ok Sir I'd love to help you but i'm not sure I understand. You said you want coffee, correct?
Customer: Yes. Coffee.
Me: Sorry, you'll have to call your local coffee shop to order that....
Customer: Fine, bye.

Is Elton the only sane soul I know?

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Angie Nelson said...

Hey my favorite cousin! this is angie and your blog cracks me up! you have the most interesting things happen to you at work. I loved the picture of all of you outside that was hilarious! I think my favorite thing is the different cupcakes you always make they look so good! Come visit my blog sometime:)