Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I would never take Valium recreationally.... again.

Camille is having a root canal today, bless her poor little mouth.
I know what that is like, I had 4. I'm sure many of you have also had root canals and know that they are not pleasant. I was lucky enough to get laughing gas and a prescription for Valium for after. I do not like pills, I never have. Which is good I think my dislike for swallowing pills has kept me out of trouble haha. Camille I wish you were here so I could hug you and kiss you and feed you ice creams. But soon. T Minus 3 days.
Don't worry Mom, i'll clean my room I swear.
My mom and I busted out the most aesthetically pleasing cake I have ever made, so far. (I plan to make many glorious layered creations in the future, im a beginner, give me a break)

Chocoaltey with frosting that resembled marshmallow creme. Mmmmm I say. MMMm.

So if any of you have ever been to one of the many places i've lived in the past couple of years you will have met our friend the pink couch. I love this little couch. He may have even made a debut in a previous blog. I couldn't even begin to tell you of all the excellent memories I have made on the pink couch. But the thing is... Pink Couch is an outside friend. He looked so pretty on our porch. He endured through many rain/snow storms. That might be a contributing factor to why pink couch is now... pastel and faded, covered in stains, and cobwebs.
I'm sorry pink couch, I really did love you. Just not enough to reupholster you.

Farewell. Maybe someday we'll meet again. Thanks for hauling it off Dad, otherwise... it would have graced my new porch, wherever my new porch may be...

I hope I can find a pattern so that my mom can sew me a dress like this... Make fun all you want, I don't care at all. I love this dress and any other floor length, high necked, lacy, empire waisted, crazy dress I can find.

Thats all.


Say and the City said...

Goodbye pink couch. You have given my life joy by living on my old porches as well. I will never forget the late night talks and spring time book readings I had with you.

Bake me a cake and ship it to me k thanks bye.

Coco said...

ohh sad...that pink couch was such a tacky masterpiece. I loved it. I salute you pink couch. May you frolic in the heavens with other pink couches.

Kara said...

Mmmmm!! That cake looks delish!! Are you going to go to Rey's wedding tomorrow? P.S. I seriously do love that dress too! :)

Anonymous said...

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