Thursday, September 4, 2008

hoooooooo hooooooo

I miss my sisters.
Sometimes I forget to pay my bills. I have the money, that's not the issue. I'm working on this problem.

My mom and dad got me an iPod for my birthday. It's been keeping me really happy. The CD player in my car stopped working a while back so I either listen to the radio or just silence. With the shitty jams coming out these days I often opt for silence. But now I can rock out! Woo! Oh and it's SO nice to have at work. While i'm sitting here doing tedious mind numbing work, I can block out all deaffie noises with my new iPod. Yes I am happy about my iPod.

I ate garlic fries yesterday and I've brushed my teeth twice since then. I even used one of those melt on your tongue listerine thingys but I can still taste/smell garlic.

I want to make a list of all the places I'm going to eat in NYC:
Cafe Blossom
Strictly Roots
Kates Joint (breakfast)
Candle Cafe

And I'm taking suggestions from anyone who's eaten in New York.

I've been looking at apartments lately too. I'm thinking maybe i'll move Oct 1st or, maybe when I get back from NYC.

Reasons why I like it downtown:
Way better food, hands down, no arguments
Crazy people everywhere
Fun old houses with character
Big beautiful tree lined neighborhoods
Neighborhoods is a long word
Everything I need is a 5-10 min bike ride away
Family is only a 15 minute drive

Reasons why I want to move out:
Decorate my own house
have my own kitchen, to decorate
buy more pyrex for my kitchen
make breakfast in my panties
leave the door open when I pee



Say and the City said...

I'm taking you to a restaruant around the corner from my home called "the heights"

You will have the best veggie burrito of your life. :D

PLUS! You eat on the roof.

Camille said...

Totally agree with all the downtown stuff. LOVE it! Also going to be starting my own pyrex collection soon. Very Soon.

Did you forget to pay your car payment? or credit card? Insurance? CALL ME!