Monday, September 29, 2008

fake japs

Have you ever gone out to eat and had the best meal of your life? You got seated right away, and your drinks were on the table less than 3 minutes after you sat down. Your waiter is really friendly and they suggest their favorites, smile at you like you're best friends, and checks on you frequently to make sure you've got everything you need. The food is perfect its exactly what you needed to satisfy both your belly and heart. I've experienced this a few times. Those waiters get big tips, and I always return to those restaurants. I even recommend them to my friends.

Have you ever eaten at Sushi Ya? Well don't, because everything I just described to you, will not happen there. Your menu will be confusing and they make you put little check marks on a confusing list of options to specify what you want. Your waitress will not speak English and she doesn't know anything about the menu so if you have specific questions like "Does this have onions in it?" She'll just stand there and say, "I not know." When you request to speak to someone who does know, they also speak a different language and they can't understand the simple questions that you ask them. You will get the wrong food. You will send it back. The "cooks" behind the counter will stand there and speak loudly about their confusion and wonder how they could have possibly put deep fried salmon in my veggie roll. They will bring you what you wanted originally 15 minutes later (after they sit down and eat the food you sent back) and it will be cold. You'll have no dipping sauce for your tempura veggies. And when you ask the stupid waitress if you can have some, she'll look scared and confused and run away to the kitchen. Some other "cook" will bring you a cold watery sauce that tastes like... nothing. You will be very unhappy. You will be so upset that you leave them a 1 dollar tip, and you go out to eat somewhere else.

Please my friends. Do not eat at Sushi Ya. They don't have soy paper and they speak alien.

Liv and Camille are here. Yay.
I'm going to enjoy a wonderful week of baby and sister. And then i'm off to the Big Apple folks. I'm so excited to see Sarah. Little bit bummed i'll miss Kate by like an hour. But still.... NEW YORK!! Woo!

And a few pictures, to keep you entertained.

First we have Elton. He's cute and he likes to sit on my soft belly.

Speaking of cats, I drank catnip tea. Apparently catnip is actually good for calming menstrual cramps. Who would have known!?

And lastly, for any of you in the Taylorsville area... The Pets Mart by Harmons was turned into a Carnival of Fear!!! I'm expecting this magical place will attract a lot of juggalos, or clown lovers if you will. That does not excite me. But I love a haunted house, so i'm going to attend.


Camille said...

I'm thinking about becoming a juggalette.

Angie Nelson said...

Catnip tea? how is that good it sounds awful! I have been to a similar restaurant and it was actually chinese food too! When i asked if I could have a salad instead of soup the guy actually yelled no! I was so embarrased and then mad so he got 50 cents! I hope you have fun in New York Im jealous...

Coco said...

ahaha the Carnival of Fear! I saw that yesterday when I was going to Harmons. You'll have to tell me if it's really scary. It won't make me want to go or anything, I'd just like to know how you liked it!

Kara said...

Ha Ha, I hate that!! That is why I stick to good ol' Panda Express!! JK, Colin refuses to eat there! He is all about the random restraunts that just by looking at it I can tell we are going to be fighting over the bathroom that night!! You know how I am... not very adventurous when it comes to food! :)