Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Camille

na na na na na na
You say its your birthday?
na na na na na na
Its my birthday too.

Ok not really but it is my sister Camille's birthday and she deserves a special tribute.
She's a really special person and I don't think she hears that often enough. I don't mean special in that one "short bus" way. I mean it in the heart throbbing throat swelling warm fuzzy kind of way.
I really really really really miss her. I know this is just the way life goes but both of my sisters have moved out of state and soon my little brother will be serving a mission and holy shit what are we gonna do Mom??

Camille can always make me laugh :) Especially when I need it the most. I really don't know any family that is as cool as we are.

I mean, just look at us!
Camille is a brave brave girl. Moving to another state (a shitty state I might add) so that her husband can follow his dreams and become successful. She's a very self-less individual and she'd do just about anything for anyone.

They're a happy family. And I gotta thank her and Kellen for making this:

I know they're going to make more of those and... well... I'm excited :) Since i'll never have them, hopefully she'll make enough to compensate. Sorry Mom.

Anyway, Happy freaking birthday Camille you deserve all the best things in the world. I wish you were here so I could hug you 15 times.


Kara said...

Those pictures are so cute!! All you girls are smoking hot!! :) I love Liv's dress in that picture! I will have to ask Camille where she got it! You are such a cute sister and aunt! What day would work for you to do lunch next week?

Camille said...

I'm crying! You just made me so happy! That is the nicest thing that has happened to me all day (including my fake toenails!) You are seriously the best and I'm lucky you are my sister.