Friday, September 26, 2008

Kate said

That i'm obsessed with cats.
And pictures of myself.
And she might be right, thats ok, I accept those things.

I also enjoy browsing vintage ads. They give me warm fuzzies.
Camille and Livvy are coming tomorrow and I am so excited squeeze her fat little face. Olivias, that is. Camille has a nice sexy thin face. And I can't wait to hug her. 9 times. Per day.

What should we bake first camille? How about some of these?

Them there are ice cream cone cupcakes. No ice cream involved. Just the cone. Cute idea eh?
Do you want me to have some crepes and fresh fruit ready for you?


Say and the City said...

I would love a crepe, thanks!

Angie Nelson said...

I would also like a crepe if you deliver:) I dont think you can get enough of cupcakes! You are such a cute little cupcake you better be one for Halloween!