Monday, December 29, 2008

can haz?

All I can think about is decorating. And new dishes. And tomato soup?

I am really tempted to put all my bright crazy paintings in storage and do simple black and white prints in my room. Daddy can make me some frames and I can just blow up pictures that I (or sarah or seth or ansel adams) have taken.
My dreams look like this:

Ok ok and then pretend this is Mom, Camille, Kate and me.
Kate is the dork with glasses, im the creepy hungry one on the left.
Ummm also, Dad can you build me this bed frame?

So I miss Kate a lot right now it was so much fun to have her here. Obviously Camille and Liv need to come back IMMEDIATELY. Chewy back? Chewy nice? Yes.

Went to the gym with the fam this morning. Made me smile that it truly was a family event. Dad, Boy, Mom and I all got up at the ass crack of dawn and worked out. I even saw the sunrise! I liked it so much I think i'll do it again tomorrow....


Angie Nelson said...

Wow nice work! I love the pictures you find they make me smile. I bet your dad could build you those things he is amazing!

Camille said...

I am the creepy girl on the left! I love foooooooooooooooood! Your dreams look a lot like mine. Actually, I'd settle for a couch from the DI about now!

Pollywog said...

Candice i love you! I have been missing everybody a lot today too. Chewey nice! Lets go shopping for some new dishes!