Monday, December 22, 2008


Can I just say I hate snow? I hate snow. There I said it.
About a week ago my mom and I drove down to Arizona with Camille and Olivia. It was pretty fun to road trip with them. Also fun because it was my first time ever hanging out in AZ. As soon as we entered AZ there was this giant dust storm and we couldn't see anything around us. Camille did a really good job of driving safely. That night, (after arriving safely and cleaning ourselves up) we went shopping and had a lovely dinner. Mom and I flew home the next day. Good times :)

Just in case you forgot how cute my life is, here is a picture of Olivia holding Lizzys hand.

Lizzy is a pretty good sport. She lets Olivia chase her, ride on her like a pony, and they hold hands/paws.

Also I miss Olivia so much that sometimes I do weird things like...

Yeah thats a sippy cup. I was just drinking my grapefruit juice. No big deal.

Kate will be here on Tuesday, really looking forward to that.

So not much else has been going on... nothing too exciting to tell yall about.

over and out.


Angie Nelson said...

You are hilarious! I am excited to see you on Thursday for the annual sing along with the uke! Merry Christmas till then:)

Seth said...

You didn't finish all of that that grapefruit juice...

Camille said...

I love that you used her sippy cup! Juice tastes so much better through those tiny little holes. Man I love you!