Friday, December 5, 2008

Griswald style, Plus a saw.

My family is so super bad ass.
After Thanksgiving, which was marvelous, we went up to "Christmas Meadows" which is just past Evanston. About 1.5 hours drive from our house. Why, you might ask? Because we decided to cut down our own christmas tree this year. My Dads friend does this frequently apparently. Olivia LOVED the snow and ice. She is so damn cute I might just die of cute overdose. Kate and I concluded that basically no matter what she says or does it makes us melt. We will give her everything she wants (within reason).

So we ran around for a while looking for the perfect tree. Kellen found it, gathered us around so we could agree, daddy cut it down, and kellen hauled it down the hill over his shoulder. Lotta sap. :)

Its cuter in our living room. Mom decorated it real nice like. I'll take a picture of it later and post it for your viewing pleasure. It was nice having Kellen here, smart guy, gotta love him.

I wish Kate could have stayed... for.... infinity.

So Liv can't say Candice, Candy, Or Dice. Whenever I would ask her what my name is she'd just stare at me. So we had to make up a name for me right? Thank Mama for thinking of Chubaca. Now Liv calls me Chewy. And its probably the most cutest thing ever. HI chewyyyyyy!!!!!!



Coco said...

I'm pretty jealous. My family has a fake tree this year...that's never been the case since way back when I was a fetus! I'm a little scarred.

Angie Nelson said...

We used to go up to our family farm and cut down a tree but we didnt get up there in time. The road was all snowed out so maybe next year. I love
Mark's kids they are so cute and so smart I feel dumb next to them. I am glad you could have fun with your fam!

Kara said...

Oh! That is so cute! Ha Ha Ha, the age she is at is so fun huh! I just love it :)