Monday, March 23, 2009

poetic tragedy

Does anyone have any advice or awesome recipes for using a rice cooker?

I tried last night and my rice came out tasting like SUCK!! Not sure what I did wrong. I have a pretty fancy rice cooker, thank you Wolfgang Puck, and I want to put it to good use. I've always been really bad at cooking rice for some reason I always fail. Always. Unless its rice a roni which I am trying my hardest not to eat anymore. Even the garden vegetable flavor has chicken fat in it so probably wise to avoid.

Also, lent has ended early for the folks here at Sorenson. Kristen is eating chocolate, Liz is eating cookies and I am currently sipping on a niiiice warm cup of coffee. Good luck to all of you who are staying strong! Um Jesus loves you and stuff!! Just a reminder, no I'm not catholic. Obviously.


Jessica said...

What kind of rice are you using? Just white?

Make sure to WASH it really well before. Just add enough water to cover it and swirl that water around it for 2 minutes. You'll see a bunch of yuck in the water, which you definitely don't want on the rice.

Kara said...

Ha ha, I have never heard anyone not know how to use a rice cooker before! The ratio is two to one. So if you want one cup of rice then you do two cups of water. If you want a LOT of rice then you do two cups of rice and four cups of water, so on and so on. Then you just push the button down on your rice cooker so that it says "cook" or the little light flips on and then you wait til the light turns off or it says "warming" on your rice cooker. And Viola! YOu are ready to have some yummy rice.
Oh, and as a side note, if you are cooking brown rice then you have to add a little more water. I do about 1/4 of a cup more.

Pollywog said...

This is pretty funny if you think about it. I thought for sure the fancy rice cooker would do the trick for you. You must have a curse on your rice because you cook other stuff real good. except vegan mac and cheese. That was about the worst stuff I ever tasted.

Kimba Lance said...

Hey maybe we should be blog friends too!! I mean you are bad ass and so am I!!!!!!!!

Kimba Lance said...

Um I am like totally stoked to see Sister Spears el livooooo:) She is Radical Face!!!! Oh and thank you for obsessing over cats as much as I do!