Friday, March 13, 2009

traveling corpse

I know someone who attends funerals regularly in Salt Lake City for imaginary people who died in other states. True story. Traveling corpses.

I watched the movie Quarantine recently. Anyone seen it ? Eh? It was epic. So freaking scary I was literally shaking the whole time. Kate you would HATE this movie. I even screamed out loud at one point and the cat on my lap gave me some good scratches. If you're into horror and gore, go check it out... If not... well I wouldn't check it out.

I'm going to California in a few days to be in the audience on American Idol. Make sure you tune in and watch for my dorky little face. I'm sure i'll be crying I always cry when she sings.

I took Elton to the vet today because he keeps getting huge dread-like/balls/matts of fur around his neck. He has such long hair its hard to keep that from happening but I need to be better about it. When I was getting ready to take him I stepped in a steaming pile of cat shit that my other sweet sweet creature Coop left for me. I proceeded to call him many ungodly names and I think I vomited in my mouth a little at one point whilst cleaning it up. People keep asking, "Well how do you know it was Coop?" I just know. Elton would never do that to his mother, never.

So.... my day has so far began with cat shit on my foot, and a chai latte. It is up to me and only me to make this day go better :)

P.s. I love my mom.


Pollywog said...
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Pollywog said...

that is not the best way to start your day, but like you said it's better to step in than to EAT IT! p.s. Your momma loves you
p.s.s. don't watch scary movies

Sarcastic Seth said...

It was Coop. I know this as well. Grr. Time to move the litter box to a new location?