Thursday, March 26, 2009


I totally stole this idea from Brookes blog but I thought it was really cute and creative to do Way Back When-sdays. I know its thursday but I'll do it regularly on Wednesdays from now on. Sorry Brooke I'm a dirty dirty thief.

So my Way Back When picture for the day is:

These were exactly 1 year ago on March 26th. I was working the night shift at that time in my life so I would usually sleep in til about 11, roll around with kitties for a while, shower and make breakfast. 1 egg, hashbrowns, toast and orange juice. Then off to work at 2 pm. I still look the exact same. Boring huh?


Sarcastic Seth said...

Cooking hashbrowns naked? That is not a safe idea at all. Ouch!

Camille said...

I havew a good recipe for cilantro rice. It's actuallt from britany. Delicious.