Saturday, March 21, 2009


I can not currently find the cord to upload all the pictures that I took but no worries I'll find it soon.  

In the meantime I found this gem. Or shall I say, motivation for chin exercises? 

So there you have it folks. 

Also, its not flannel so please stop saying that. 


stacey said...

oh my heck...there's the two beautiful stars that I saw on NATIONAL TV'S HOTTEST SHOW! AND YOU WERE SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE==I saw you so many time! Don't worry...the shirt looked awesome...easy to see! Can I get your autograph? Megan is so sweet and SOOO blessed! I'm so excited for her! I bet you miss her tho uh! keep smilin! Get those pic's loaded uh..!

kat said...

You looked gorgeous that night, as usual and Camille and Kellen are the only ones who said it looked like flannel! Where did you find this pic?

Sarcastic Seth said...

Candice please don't lie. We all know it is flannel ;)

Tahnie said...

First of all you look fine! and please share where you found these I have been looking for them

Kayla and Jordan said...

Ummmm... and who did your hair for this fantastic event you went to?? it looks awesome!! :)