Sunday, April 26, 2009

Did I mention I went to Arizona? It's real warm there. My silly sensitive skin just doesn't enjoy being outside in that kind of heat.  Although i'm sure I got some much needed Vitamin D.  Here are a few pictures from that fun weekend.

They're just crappy cell phone ones but they still make me happy :) Kate was there too! Sorry Kate I dont think I have any of you :( I still love you hehe. 

An ant just started crawling across my keyboard.  I say thats a good sign we have a bit of an ant problem.  What do you think? What should I do!! AHHHH now i'm all itchy. 

I bought a vacuum yesterday, assembled it this morning and voila!! Clean carpet! Thanks for helping me pick that out mom. I love you. 

I rode critical mass on Friday, it was kind of windy out and I didnt want to go at first but i'm glad I did it was really fun.  I like riding with a huge group of people in the road. Not sure why but it makes me feel all powerful. Like we could take over the world! haha ok sorry. 

I'm going to make some tea and bury my face in a book and hopefully get some more laundry done today.  I'm a huge procrastinator pants. 


Esther said...

When you start riding with all the ladies you're gonna feel twice as powerful :P

Angie said...

I bet you were the favorite Chewy!