Tuesday, April 21, 2009


How can anyone be unhappy with weather like this? 
I keep getting nagged at for not blogging but its because i'm busy actually living my life!! And I guess not being able to blog at work is a contributing factor ;)
I'm on my way out the door right now but I Just wanted to post really quick and thank Camille for letting mama and me come stay there.  I had the most fun weekend with my sisters and Olivia.  Kellen too :) Soon again ladies? I thought so. 

And when I got home, Seth missed me so much we just had to go to Chanon last night.  Thank you :) Sorry I have a secret crush on the cute little asian waiter.  One time my food was so spicy it literally caused tears to come out my eyes and he came to the table and told us that he cries every time he eats.  I think I peed a little. 

Thats all.

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Sarcastic Seth said...

:) I don't mind at all. I am surprised my name showed up in your blog ;) Better know everything about the cactus book for the next trip south!