Sunday, September 13, 2009

coffee talk

I come next door often for coffee and sometimes just for a cup of water. The water tastes better here. Oh and I get impeccable internetz here as opposed to the 1 bar at my kitchen table.
Things I overheard people saying...

Motorcycle guy: I hate books man they're so boring. I havent read a book since 2003.
Me: thats sad dude
motorcycle guy: Im in the 18th grade.

nightvision: I've been reading the same book for 4 years. Cold mountain.

Night vision is a poet. Or at least thats how he introduces himself. "Hi I'm night vision, im a poet" For real guys. For real.

This place is wild and I love living next to it. Watching all these crazy people run around makes me feel... somewhat sane.


mary said...

I can imagine its a lot like riding the bus, or trax...seeing and meeting all those weird, interesting, lonely people.

that jordan girl said...

Where is this??