Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I win!

I have to thank KC for challenging me at Donkey Kong all my life. I remember when he and I shared a bedroom with bunk beds and we had the little TV set up right next to our beds and I'd play way too often. While listening to some CD I had that played disney tunes. I had the song that Ursula sings memorized. I continued playing all my life pretty much. Seth and I used to pull all night tournaments. He always won. I think i'm pretty good though :)


kat said...

You really always were good at DK and I totally remember you guys playing. remember when we would always make the boy set it up on the big tv and he hated it? OOHH...remember when you and sarah used to play nintendo a lot (instead of going to school usually) and eat those Lindor Truffles in the red packages? yum :) That is the cutest pic of you! I love you!

Pollywog said...

You are the queen of donkey kong! I wish I had some skills...can't keep the little cars on the road. I remember laughing till I about peed my pants while we were playing.

Sarcastic Seth said...

I hope during the winter we can have a marathon of all 3 back to back to back. 100% for each one. better start practicing.