Thursday, September 24, 2009

rock out

I'm watching the travel channel and bizarre foods host Andrew Zimmern is eating aborted llama fetus. What kind of world is this? Do you think the people who are kind enough to show him around their magical cities ever wish he would just shut up? Just shut up and eat. You'd be in so much trouble at my house for talking with your mouth full of brains.

Woke up at 6 today to take my parents to the airport. Have fun in Rome, yall.
I'm sick as a dog but I went to work anyway and took some medicine that my mom recommended. It was equivalent to a few long islands and I was no longer able to function at a work appropriate level. Came home and watched tv all day. Man I hate TV.

Lisa is coming over to make soup with/for me.


kat said...

Mother knows best! She really has a 'drug' biz on the side...they're actually going trans-international, which is what the 'cruise' is all about :) hope you feel better love and I wish I was there to take care of you. xoxo

Angie said...

your parents are going to Rome? Wow I wish I could go have the places they go. I am sorry you are sick! I hope you get feeling better.

Sarcastic Seth said...

I would love to cook you something....onions help ;)