Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feeling Inspired I suppose

Rummaging through my desk at work I came across a pile of burned CDs that had tons and tons (And tons) of old photos on them. It was pretty interesting to go through and see what I was doing 3 and 4 years ago and to see how much I have changed for the better (and probably for the worse too but we wont focus on that).

I basically look the same as I did in 2nd grade. Physically, other than expanding and shrinking in the waist line, I look the exact same. Its pretty funny.

This one made me laugh- I remember this night really well.

What is my hair? Dennis the Menace is buggin 'cause i'm stealing his combover glory.

I've been MIA from the blogosphere (thats right Kate I said that) but I've been actively living, I assure you.
I'll share some photos from my recent past.

Christine and I at rollerskating party. This was before I jumped on someones stupid scooter and crashed into a large group of people. Looks like i'm about to say something. Not sure what.

Meg and I at my work Christmas party. Not one bit of food for me to eat. Lame.

Ryder Turned three a little while ago and Jill made him the most adorable little train cake. Look! He absolutely loves the train. Meg brought him downtown recently and we all rode trax together and it was so freaking cute to see how excited he was. He's is such a little stud I can't wait to see how he turns out :) Plus he loves me, he really loves me and always runs right up to me and gives me big hugs. So cute.

Looooook how little they used to be!! These were taken almost 3 years ago when they were just brand new kitty babies. There is a surprise coming to my house soon. A few people know, but most of you don't. I'm not going to say anything until after the deal is done. I understand what i'm doing is going to be scrutinized severely. I'm doing it anyway. I guess thats just my nature.


Pollywog said...

Ahhhh look how cute they can you resist?

kat said...

Surprise? Are you seriously getting another cat? And yes, I'm not sure blosphere is a word, but I have missed your posts :) love you

Sarcastic Seth said...

That's my shirt! You always steal my shirts :-p

that jordan girl said...


mary beth said...

baby coop and elton make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. they are too cute.