Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am a foul beast

Last week, I think on Thursday actually, I made delicious incredible chickpea cutlets. You can find the recipe online. To be vague it consists of mashed up chickpeas, vital wheat gluten, spices. It is fun to make because you really have to get your hands in there. You knead it for quite some time until strings of gluten form. After you've got a good ball of glutenous yummy you separate them into patties and you can either pan fry or bake them. They go great on sandwiches, or smothered in gravy, or today I cut it up and served it over a spinach salad. Yum!

For the past several days i've been smelling something absolutely foul on my right hand. My middle finger to be exact. I wash my hands. Scrub scrub scrub. Hand sanatize. Put fancy lotions on. This smell would not go away. I became mildly obsessed with it. Sniffing my middle finger all day long trying to figure out what the hell I could possibly have put just this one finger in to cause such a rotten stench!!

I figured it out today! The mystery has been solved my friends. I am closing the file on the Stench Of The Middle Finger Mystery.

Are you ready?

Oh gosh...

I didn't take my rings off when I was kneading the chickpea cutlet dough. A giant glob of dough (garlic, onion powder, chickpeas) got jammed up in the hole in the back of one of my sterling silver rings. Its just been hanging out in there for ohh almost a week now.


I suppose I can be thankful that I don't eat meat. Can you imagine having a piece of old raw meat jammed in your ring for a week? Holy Batman!


Pollywog said...

You're right. That was super disgusting! Ha ha I can just see you sitting there smelling your finger. Thats a good one!

Sarcastic Seth said...


kat said...

I don't even know what to say. no comment know what I'm thinking...