Friday, February 26, 2010

people eating tasty animals

“To supply one person with a meat habit for a year requires three-and-a-quarter acres of land. To supply one vegetarian with food for a year requires one half-acre. To supply a vegan requires only one-sixth of an acre. In other words, a given acreage can feed twenty times as many people eating a vegan diet as it could people eating a standard American diet.

Lester Brown of the Overseas Development Council has estimated that if Americans were to reduce their meat consumption by only 10 percent, it would free over 12 million tons of grain annually for human consumption. That, all by itself, would be enough to adequately feed every one of the 60 million human beings who will starve to death on the planet this year.” John Robbins, “Diet for a New America”. pg 352

Think about it. Make a change. For yourself AND your planet!!

Start one day a week. Paul McCartney's Meatless Monday is a brilliant idea.

Click here for meatless monday recipes!

If you have a dog or a cat or a pony for a pet think about the difference between their sweet souls and those of the pigs and cows in the massive factory farms we support every day!
Wait... there is no difference!

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