Thursday, February 16, 2012

cats, glow, attitude

Last month my dearest Sarah came over to help me re arrange my room because I was feeling cluttered and icky. Anytime I have an idea or project for home improvement Sarah is right by my side ready to get dirty. She is the best, really. She had this magical coral pinky fabric and we used it to make curtains for two of my bedroom windows.

When the sun sets my room glows and it's pure magic I tell you. My mom got me that desk you see as a sewing table. I've been using it to watercolor and draw on with Sarah. We draw elephants and trees and pigs and cats and whatever we fancy. It's been so much fun to test my artistic capability and tap into my creative side.

I've been trying to drink more tea than coffee lately. Coffee is good if I need to jolt awake but I never really feel great after I drink it. My tummy always churns and the crash is harsh and just makes me want to drink more and more coffee. The tea buzz feels more clear minded and alert and it calms me at the same time. My boss (not my direct boss but his boss who I love and adore) loves tea too and we always swap and share. He let me use his tea ball and brought me some of his favorite loose teas. Overall I thought the tea ball was messy but it was definitely stronger and more aromatic than pre-bagged tea.

I am still taking care of sweet kitty Monster. I really love him and will have a very hard time giving him back to Megan when that day approaches. I just switched the cats to a new food because they were puking a lot and I have only seen one puke since! Monster is a bit of a glutton and as soon as I refill the water and food he devours as much as he possibly can and then pukes it all up. Slooow down pal... slow down.
These guys are still gorgeous.

I'm a very happy girl and my motto of the year is this:

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