Friday, February 24, 2012

Sarah = bad ass = curtains = paint

First, I'm so lucky. So very blessed to have a friend like Sarah. Last week I had the wild idea on Wednesday morning to completely repaint my main floor bathroom before a party I was throwing on Saturday for two friends birthdays. At first I was half kidding because I didn't think anyone would actually help me and I wasn't sure if there would be time to finish it before Saturday. On Wednesday night I came home to Curtis and Kevin scraping the ugly brown wall paper off the walls. Then Chantelle showed up, and shortly after, Sarah and Lisa came. I have amazing friends! We got all the shitty brown wallpaper off and then called it a night. I had to work the next day but was able to leave early and continue working on the project. We had to pretty much slather the walls in joint compound because there were so many holes and dings and scrapes. That took a long time to do, and even longer to try. The next day I had to work again and couldn't leave early but Sarah and Kevin came over and got to work without me. How amazing is that? They sanded the walls and started painting. By the time I got home Friday night it was almost complete. We chose a really light beautiful lilac color.

The whole room is so much happier and brighter. I don't even know how to thank my friends for doing this for me. I owe them big time. Sarah brought over a beautiful floral shower curtain that her mom let me borrow and it really brightens the place up. It's hard to tell in this crappy photo but if you saw my bathroom before then you will understand.

While we were painting and waiting for things to dry Sarah had a really good idea (she is full of good ideas) to sew curtains for a sort of junky looking area by my back door. There are shelves (falling apart!) that we store crockpots and blenders and paper plates and toasters and all sorts of other kitcheny junk on. I had this fun yellow gingham fabric I got from a coworker whose grandma died recently.

Now you see it,

Now you don't,
Sarah just busted these out in about 2 hours.

Kitties can't help themselves...

I bought some amazing turquoise paint for my kitchen so stay tuned for that jazz.

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chantelle.elise said...

I wondered where those came from! They are lovely as is the bathroom turn out, woot. xo