Monday, February 13, 2012

Lisa it's your birthday.

Whenever Lisas birthday rolls around I get that Simpsons song stuck in my head.

Lisa its your birthday,
happy birthday Lisa...

And I think those are the only words but I sing it over and over. Yesterday was Lisas birthday and I frowned because I could not spend it with her. She went to Vegas with some girlfriends and I wasn't able to join because I had work. We're doing a birthday party for her this weekend at my house so that should make up for it.

I love Lisa dearly and truly admire her bravery and her willingness to just be herself no matter what. We are very different creatures and she has learned to tolerate me and I'm grateful for that. I can't wait to make her a cake this weekend and dance ourselves into paralysis. I count Lisa among my very best friends and always feel like I can learn something from her. I love getting in the kitchen with her and making magic. I love riding my bike next to her. She's legit.

Lisa I love you!

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Kcscrystal said...

Lisa it's your birthday! Happy birthday lisa!
I wish you love and goodness, I wish you peace and joy, I wish you all that your heart desires and your first kiss from a boy!
Lisa it's your birthday! Happy birthday lisa!!!!

I ALWAYS sing that song to people when it's their birthday. Fun to have a friend named lisa to sing it to. :)