Monday, July 7, 2008

At night, the sporks pick on me.

Sometimes I get that one song in my head...
"She go chama, chama, chama
Chameleon hair colors"

But those are the only words I know. So I just sit here and say chama chama chama chameleon.

Anyway. I had a good weekend I suppose. It was as good as it could have been. Thursday night I attended Sarah and Mikes going away party. That was a hoot. I made potato salad and my mom helped me with some tasty sugar cookies.

Friday, the 4th, was kind of a lazy day. Went shopping with my mom and then we BBQ'd. Finished HP 7. Didn't even watch the fireworks because I was too excited that Olivia was home.

Saturday I spent MOST of the day in my room, lying on the floor. Went to Sarahs around 11 to wish her farewell and good luck. She left on Sunday morning. It doesn't feel real yet.

I don't have a lot to say right now so thats all folks.

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brycenbeans said...

chameleon...we're talking kind funny from helium...we used to laugh a lot but only because we thought that everything good always would remain...

hope it's not weird that I'm commenting on your post, camille turned me on to this whole blogging world.