Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh Hai

I attempted to make vegan mac and cheeze. It tasted worse than a sweaty butthole. Who'da
thunk it eh? Bad recipe, BAD! I won't give up though.

Uhhh The Boy and I.. well I... about peed my pants after taking this picture. Kc's face is priceless. He looks genuinely retarded. Way to go boy :)

I wish I really did have two coops so that I could give one to Sarah when she leaves.

Uhhh Camille is a funny crab with sharp claws?

Deaffies will be the deaf of me. Get it? The deaf of me, like the death... right. Ok.

Oh hey mom- let me get the door for you. Sanks baby.

1 comment:

Camille said...

Your blog just cheeered me up so much! I loved the cupcakes, you are so domestic! Have I told you that I am glad you are living at home? Liv misses you right now. Me too!