Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I cooked...

She shaked and I baked.
Or maybe it was the other way around.
She chopped and I stirred?
Either way we made a good team.

First we made this pizza...

Eggplant, Mushroom, peppers from the garden, and tomatoes. Faux Mozzarella and super chunky mushroom spaghetti sauce. It... was... good. It was even better the next day, cold, for breakfast.

The next night I was feeling... Asian-y. We stopped at one of the many little Asian markets and spent some time browsing the aisles. They had a large variety of faux meats which excited me. I picked up some fake shrimpies but I havent cooked them yet. We made Spring rolls and stir fry.

This picture doesn't really do them justice. But oh... my gosh... they were so good. We kept patting ourselves on the back saying holy shit we're awesome. Inside the spring roll we put cabbage, mushroom, eggplant, carrot and... I think that was it. The first few attempts to roll them were not successful. We switched up the method a little bit and it worked nicely. The papers were weird though. I'd like to try with another brand soon.

Yes I ate this on the carpet downstairs. So sue me. The stir fry was ok... We used a sauce packet that I got from harmons during one of my "shopping hungry" extravaganzas. It was supposed to be Hot and Spicy sauce. And while it was a little bit of both, it was kind of funky. Not gross at all, just not anything I would ever choose to buy/cook again. In the stir fry we cooked up some brocoli, eggplant (can you tell we bought an eggplant and tried to be resourceful and use it in everything?), peppers, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and I can't remember what else. It was pretty tasty overall. I like my food extra spicy but Kit's tummy disagreed that evening. All of this food was prepared/eaten while watching Shark Week.

I don't like it when my Family is on vacation without me. No sir I don't.


Craig & Erin said...

I love shark week!!!

Camille said...

Your egg rolls look delicious...were they? I am going to need you to blog again. Thanks