Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lately my dreams have been haunting. In so many different ways. Like everything I want in life is only achievable in dreamland. So out of reach in real life.

I know everyone wanted me to comment on NYC and all the super fun stuff I did but really i'm not sure what to say. It was so good to spend time with Sarah. I missed her so much. She has the cutest little dog and he is a giant pain in the ass :) We ate marvelous food. I saw magical things. I could never live in New York, its insane there. But I plan to visit frequently, as often as I possibly can afford. I can't stand thinking about Sarah sitting all alone in her little apartment while Mike is at school. So anyway, I really appreciate her letting me stay and I hope she lets me come again.

Back to my dreams.

Kitchens. Thats what I dream about. Sometimes I dream about serial killers too but we don't have to talk about that.
Oh man I got another monitor at work. I never thought I would be cool enough to have 2. But apparently, I have reached a level of bad assity I never though possible. Thank you Sorenson, for showing me who I really am, and helping me reach my dreams.
Feel free to congratulate me.


Oh and a big P.S. to all the peeps who just went private.... Do you like reading my blog?? Awesome, let me read yours then.
I'm talking to Mickie and Brandyn, and the Brooke Firth family, and anyone else who has recently gone private. Add me please!! Cjensen@sorenson.com


Angie Nelson said...

I have those kind of dreams too and I hate it! I dont even want to wake up when I find out they arent real. I love the kitchen if I ever get my own house my kitchen will be the nicest part of my house! No more stupid kitchens that are so small you want to do something drastic when you go into them. Im glad NY was fun I want to visit sometime. Glad your back and congrats on the extra moniter!

Brooke said...

Consider yourself added. Congrats on the two monitors. Ha ha. I looooove New York. I would TOTALLY live there.

mickie schneider said...

I added you. I actually LOVE reading up on your very adventurous life. Love ya and hope to see you soon!!!

Say and the City said...

I have my dream kitchen

Camille said...

I dreamed last night that Kellen and I were so poor that someone from the state came and took Liv away from us and as they were taking her she looked at me and said "I wuv woo"

Hands down the worst dream I've ever had. I wish I dreamed about kitchens.