Saturday, October 18, 2008


Camille picture tagged me, I'll bet after she sees this she'll wish she hadn't done so.

The tag rule was to go to your 4th folder and choose your 4th picture. I dont really have photos on my moms computer so I decided to use my photobucket instead. My 4th folder was entitled "Esteban" and it only had 4 pictures of Steve and I. Steve is a bad bad man and I dont want to blog about him. So KC told me to go to my 5th folder and he closed his eyes and pointed his finger at the screen and we ended up with THIS lovely gem.

This is in lake powell on the boat. Camille is petting kellens furby. Meow.
I don't want to tag anyone because no one I know will actually do it.


Angie Nelson said...

Not true if you tagged me I would do it! I love the picture you came up with:)

Camille said...

I love furby's