Thursday, October 23, 2008

If only...

If only I could find a man as sweet and loving and faithful as my car.
Someone to never let me down, someone to take me magical places.
Someone to stand their ground when someone else hits a parked car hahahaha.

Yesterday, someone hit my car, while it was parked in the work parking lot. Obviously i've been praying for this day for many moons. My car has so many dents in it already that when I told my dad my car got hit he asked, "How can you tell?" Har har. So funny.
I have never really been very nice to my car to be honest. Although I have been wreck free for 2+ years, BEFORE that is a whole different story. I rear ended people like it was my job. Maybe 6 or 7 times.
I just want to do a little tribute to my car because he will soon be gone. I don't need damaged goods.

I dont even remember where these dents came from, but that ones been there for a couple years.

Niiiice. I think that was from hitting a giant lifted truck. I basically went underneath him. Oops?

But these, ladies and gentleman, these are from last night.

Not too bad, broken tail light, the fendery thingy will need to be replaced as well as the bumper.

Anyway all you crazy drivers out there, be safe, watch where you're going and try not to hit parked cars, its awfully embarrassing i'm sure.

Oh and... Can anyone explain what it means to dream about a robotic farmer mannequin?


kat said...

Ask Camille, she is the queen dream interpreter and loves robots.

Camille said...

Your Mom loves robots.

Angie Nelson said...

Your poor car I am sorry but it looks like you are going to have to turn her on in! By the way I tagged you so look at my blog for details:)