Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I realize

That I have dated some really interesting funny people. They provide me with interesting stories to tell. It makes me wonder if anyone I ever dated feels the same way about me.
Like if they say, "Oh my gosh once upon a time I dated this girl named Candice and she fuzzied"
"She fuzzied?"
"Yeah dude thats what she called it, she did it all the time no matter what we were doing, sometimes when we would makeout, I'd catch her fuzzying at the same time"

Ya so what I fuzzy. Easy up off.

Why does everything polyester have to smell funny?

Meg and I are going shopping for Halloween costumes tonight. I hope we find success, if so I'll let you know. October is my favorite month but I really havent done much to celebrate. I hope things turn around now that we're on our last 10 days.

Plus a photo from New York since peeps have been askin me to post them.

Say and I on the Ferry headed to Staten Island. It was basically the only free thing New York had to offer, so I wanted to do it. Basically you just hop on, ride over to Staten Island and you get to see the Statue of Liberty on the way and lots of pretty boats and we went right at sunset it was gorgeous. Then you're supposed to get off and go do whatever, but we didnt want to hangout on that island so we planned to just sail right back. Sarah likes to follow the rules so instead of just staying on the boat while everyone exited and boarded, she made us get off go down the stairs up the stairs and wait in a long ass line and re-board the boat. Silly Sarah and her rule following.

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