Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This Post is for Sarah McAnderson

Sarah is my best friend in the entire world.
There are few people who I love as much as I do her.
We have spent countless hours together doing anything we could dream of.
It takes a lot of uncomfortable silences for two people to be able to sit together and communicate without words.
Its not like she's dying or anything. Just moving far away. I'll visit her i'm sure and she'll visit home often, I hope.
Just felt like giving a shout out.
A tribute if you will.
Some of these pictures are old, some of these pictures are new.

We probably should have paid better attention to the road.

Bachelorette party. Awesome.

I have no clue where we were or what we were doing in that picture.

Sarah liked to take my picture haha... she made me feel pretty :)

I think this was some time in December. Actually I think this was the party that we didn't mean to have. You know how you invite people and they invite people and THEY invite people? I ended up hiding in my room.

Sarah baked cookies. And we always burned them somehow. I think our oven/stove was prone to fires.

This picture was at stoneground... in the bathroom maybe? We love that place. Good food, and pooool tables.

This was at one of my old houses, on the pink porch couch. Twas perfect lighting, yes we really were that pasty.

Sarah does not like it when large dogs sit on her.

TCP show... no clue when but.. ya. We both look like idiots. Me especially, what the hell am I wearing?

Sarah making fun of the way I dance.

Yeah we're good looking, I know.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha One time, Sarah cut off all of her hair. By herself. It was... spectacular. This was right about the time we first met..




We ate a lot of breakfast.

I love this picture. It looks like we're holding hands but unfortunately, we're not.

She makes me laugh. Hard.

She introduced me to Sushi! In this photo she is also wearing blue and black, yes folks, it's true.

Yeah we rode our bikes in really short dresses once. We went to this greek place right around the corner from our house. I remember I got my food for free because I specifically told them I was "deathly allergic" to onions and they added onions anyway. It was not a good first time greek experience.

We sometimes take photos that we feel like are artsy. And then when we upload them on the computer we just laugh at our attempts.

Summer time :)


I love you Sarah McAnderson.

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Camille said...

You are both beautiful and lucky to have eachother. Very lucky.