Sunday, June 29, 2008

And I don't like star wars

Elton is sweet.

I got my cake decorating set in the mail!
It was a lot smaller than I had expected but it is still really freakin cool. It came at a perfect time too. I was baking cupcakes and I said to my mom, "oh I wish I had my new cake decorating stuff so I could put carrots on these cupcakes" and my mom said, "oh I think I saw a package on the front porch!" And sure enough, there was my package! Sent in an unusually large box for how small of an item it was :)

After baking cupcakes, showering, making dinner, reading for an hour... I met up with Sarah, Mike, Coco, Patrick, Brian and his lady friend (I cant remember her name, sorry), and Aaron (Sarah and Brians cousin), we all walked over to Taylorsville Dayzz (thats right folks, dayZZ) and we picked the most perfect spot to watch the fireworks from. We got there near the tail end of the Neil Diamond tribute band. That was... interesting :) No one compares to Neil but I suppose these guys did a decent job. Then... THEN the fireworks came and they were EPIC!!! I forgot how much I love firework shows! We laid back on the grass and I felt every boom and bang vibrate through my body. The vibrant colors wowed me, It looked as though they were going to fall right on our faces. And actually, we were so close that some debris WAS falling on us. There were big chunks of red flaming shit falling around us. It was fun :) I took some picture of the fireworks but they don't really do justice to what was actually going on.

So yeah I was pretty pleased. Although we did think it strange when, during the fireworks, they were playing beauty and the beasts "Be our Guest" But whatever.

I love my bike. I'm headed to the collective on Monday night after my hair appointment. A nice man named Jonathan is helping me put things together and order a new fork. So i'm looking forward to that.

Had dinner with Sarah on Friday night before the Blymiller wedding reception.

Where is my life going?

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Kara said...

Fun! I was so bummed that i missed Tville Dayzz! (Love that you pointed out the zz's) Ha Ha Us west siders love our big booming fireworks don't we! You are gorge malorge and I love the highlights in your hiar! Did Shawnst do it?