Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 1

Moving sucks.
Living rent free does not suck.
I feel strange though. I'm back in the bedroom I grew up in. Not even the cool room downstairs- but the room I had bunkbeds in man! Right across the hall from Ma and Pa.

I moved the kitties today- they were super pissed off about it. I'm sure they're still sitting right on top of each other crammed in a corner facing the wall. Why do they do that? Come on cats, just because you're scared doesn't mean you need to get all weird and tense and sit on each other and cram yourselves in small spaces!! I give you fancy feast babies!!!
We'll see how that goes- I'll give you a Kitty Happiness Update.

Hey- Boy- I'm proud of you :)

Aaaand Camille and I looking Fly- as per usual ;) (other than our feet)

Kate won't like this but uhh we were struggling to capture an open-eyed photo. This might be the best we got :) Hopefully we'll take more tonight.

I can't wait to ride my bike to work. It'll be hot and sweaty and awesome.

p.s. The Russian hugged me.


Camille said...

Now that you are living upstairs, it's a little strange leaving a comment on your blog. Hello,, um just come tell me to my face yo! Glad to have you back though. It will be good times! WAY good times! We will look back at this time and think 'what the heck! we both lived at Moms again, at the same time!' Ha Ha! We will be greatful for the time that we have together! I am for sure! Love yous.

Kara said...

Hooray! YOu moved into your mom's house! I am so happy for you :) I seriously remember that room and you had that great big lizzard thing too! Ha Ha. Great memories :)