Monday, June 2, 2008

bloggity blog.

I wish I knew sign language.
Like now.

I got a wisdom tooth growing in one one side, and a cracked tooth on the other. Chewing pleasure has decreased rapidly.

Had a BBQ last night at moms. Good times.
Camille and I took close up pictures of our feet and it was probably the most funny thing i've ever seen. It's also rather embarrassing. I have really ugly feet. I tried to pretty them up with a tattoo but... ain't nothin gettin rid of that curly toe.
And after we photographed Dads feet- we knew where we got it from.

Kate will be here this weekend, YAY!

KC, the fabulous, one and only Boy, is graduating from hike school. SO proud of him. He is so freaking smart. Seriously- he has more smarts than all of my family combined. A couple weeks ago we were eating dinner outside, and we were talking about trees and he said something like, "Oh yeah that's just Treeothorposwervism" Like he knew this huge word and he knew when to use it. I was impressed haha. He Is one of the best kids I know. Most kids these days are corrupt and evil and mean, i've noticed. But KC is such a good guy. He loves his Mother so much. He plays the piano. He plays tennis. He reads books- I think for fun. He enjoys good music :) He even hugged me in front of his punk ass friends! He is just... a real stud and I cant even express how much I love him and look up to him. I wish I were as cool as he is. Anyway, he is graduating so we'll be celebrating allllll weekend. Party on wayne.


Oh and some random photos I thought i'd share....

This is funny- On many different levels. I have NO problems with eating organic, I just don't care enough to ONLY eat organic. So what it doesn't have pesticides? Is it worth the extra money to me? Haven't I been eating bugs all my life? I guess I see both sides of it because a)I think its great to eat healthy, and not put anything harmful into your body, in fact one of the reasons I don't eat meat is because of all the shit they pump into the cows, all the hormones are NOT good for us, plus all the fecal matter.... buuuut.... b)A little bit of insect/hormone ain't gonna kill you is it? This is a fairly new concept and it seems that the people who lived-died before organic foods existed were just fine.... But just as I typed out those words- I had a realization- people in the olden days didn't use any other products, other than good old manure right? Anyway- organic or not- I don't really care.

*siiiigh* Olivia loves :)

Uhhh I love Elty.

So today, for like the first time ever, I closed the door today while I took a dump, and when I finally finished and opened the door... this is what I found :)

This is what my room looks like right now. Just kill me please.


Brooke said...

Dude, get those wisdom teeth outta yo mouth! I waited for a really long time too. I finally got a huge infection that started at my mouth and went all the way down my neck, and the surgeon guy said I could either get my teeth out the next day, or plan on spending some time in the hospital. I'm not going to lie... I freaked out. I'm a planner, and that wasn't in the plan. I'm not going to lie about this either: It sucks to get them out. Good luck with that. I have like 642 cavities myself.

Kara said...

I can't wait to go see that movie!! I am going tomorrow! Woo Hoo :)

Camille said...

Ohhhhhhhh Livvy snuggles!!!!!!!!!

that jordan girl said...

Love the photos.

Craig & Erin said...

You look like you have a way cute couch under those clothes. lol I am the same way I try and half a dozen things in the morning and just throw them on the bed instead of hanging them back up, Craig hates it!