Sunday, June 8, 2008


There are muscles aching in my legs and arm and back and neck that I didn't even know existed.

Thank you sweet sweet family members for helping me move. Every time. Hah.

Thank you U of U copy center- for the boxes I stole.

Thank you Seth for helping me pack-and-load. And for the chili- which was amazing. There was corn and peppers in my poop today- but unlike the chili we made in the past, it did not come spraying out like fire from a dragons mouth :) <3

Thank you Mom for cleaning out that room upstairs. How do we accumulate so much crap? I can't believe how much shit I have.

Thank you Dad and Boy for being strong and willing to help.

Just-- thanks guys. And hey, I'm gonna do it again in a month or so- so hopefully you'll help me again :)

Pretty excited to be neighbors with Sarah (aka ray charles?) again. Not excited that i'm at work right now.


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that jordan girl said...

Wow those glasses are fantastic.