Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ya know how a camel can go days in the desert without drinking water?
Well I can go all day without peeing.
For example, I've been awake since 7 and i've only peed once.
My mom would have gone pee about 7 times in this time span.
I can't explain it, its just how I roll.
Jelly roll.
Peanut butter Jelly time.

I love my cats did you guys know that?
They are still scared of my parents house and they stay in the bedroom, sometimes by choice but mostly because they have to or... everyone will die of allergies.
Every night when I spend some time alone in my incredibly messy room, they just lay down next to me and purr. I'm sure they miss running free and wild but as long as they still purr I don't care.
I know yall think i'm biased and that I love one cat more than the other but I swear I love them equally. Coop just does not like his picture being taken. Every time I aim the camera at him he just walks toward the camera and sniffs it so I cant actually get a decent picture of him unless he is sleeping or if I catch him off guard.

  • I was reading and elton just laid in front of me like this.

  • Again when I was reading he crawled up on my lap.

  • Coop also likes to watch me while I read. He look so handsome with his collar.

  • Elton & Coops favorite place :)

  • This is how work made me feel yesterday...

It was a long and frustrating day. But I survived! Wahoo!

Hey Kate- Whatever you do, I support you.

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that jordan girl said...

Your cats are the cutest ever.