Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just because I don't like 4wheelers, doesn't mean I can't go to the theater....

So yesterday night, I got together with all my girlfriends. Sarah (and mike), Mary, Kit, Jordan, Kayla (and Jord), Coco... and we ventured down to the gateway to see Sex and the City... THE MOVIE!!! It got really bad reviews but I loved it. Made me laugh out loud, made me cry, made me feel good too. It was just like a really long episode and... well... thats cool in my opinion. It ended exactly how I wanted it to :)

I'm glad I have a few nice girlfriends who allow me to dress up and occasionally go out in public. It's not really my thing, honestly. Other than a few dollar movies earlier this year.. The last time I had even gone to a real theater was for Harry Potter back in November. I guess what i'm saying is that I rarely go out, but I'm glad that my girlfriends make me sometimes :)

I just have to say that I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking excited, relieved, anxious, joyful.... about the changes coming up at work. Basically for the past 6 months i've been helping my supervisor, by being a supervisor over a group of operators. It hasn't been too hard, in fact its been far too easy. But these operators are probably the most annoying, flaky, retarded, ignorant bunch of folks i've ever met. I can only tolerate... maybe 3 of them. Sometimes 2. I love Kit and I love Tammy. But everyone else can go suck on a feces covered pretzel as far as I care.
So starting tomorrow- they all lose their jobs as hearing operators. We've done our best to place them in other departments so that they didn't lose their jobs entirely. But I am so thrilled that I no longer have to look after them, clean up their messes, help them wipe their asses, listen to their excuses excuses excuses, hear about their personal lives. Its going to be so much fun when I never have to see them again. SCORE!!!
Godspeeeeed youuuu!!!!!!!

And i'll be starting a new job here, one where I can actually, hopefully, make a difference in the company. My schedule will change back to a normal one 8-5. No more working late at night. No more sleeping in til noon. Ugh. I can't believe I got in that habit!! I used to be such a morning person. My alarm would go off and i'd hop right out of bed. But noooo, not anymore. I intentionally set my alarm clock 40 minutes before I have to get up, so that I can snooze repeatedly and make my brain think i'm getting all this extra sleep. Sleeping has become one of my favorite activities to pass time.

My cats are cuter than your cats.

My niece is cuter than your niece, no battle.


that jordan girl said...

I agree...sometimes you just need to get fancy. I had a lovely time with you dear. And yes, your cats are probably cuter than mine, but mine is hornier.

lessdirtydirt said...

You sure do have a slutty cat. I bet Sushi and Bear Cat would hump like rabbits. Or like cats, either way.