Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Thanks mom and Camille for helping me make a cake yesterday :) I don't what i'd do without your creative minds!! The cake was kittylicious. mmmm hmmm. I wish I had a picture of it but by the time I got home the kitty face had smeared to one side :( boo.
Had a pretty great night last night.
Made Seth try some shrimp and... lets see for the past 3.5 years of knowing him i've never seen him eat a drop of seafood but uhhh what can I say, the kid loves me and i'm persuasive as all hell.

He hated it :) But at least he KNOWS he hates it, instead of just thinking he hated it without trying it.
This is the I hate shrimp face- and I'm making a Teehee woowoo face.

Then he let me ride his bike :) Look Ma! No gears!!

Someday I'll have a fixie of my own... yes... yes. I will.

I drank too much coffee today. 12 oz. = perfect.... 20 oz. = bloated and far too alert.

Oh and just in case anyone forgot, Olivia is the coolest kid ever.

If you were like 200 pounds overweight would you eat an entire bowl of creampuffs (about 15 puffs) in front of all your coworkers?
If you hadn't shaved your legs in 5 years would you wear a short dress to work?

Just some thoughts I had today.


Brooke said...

FYI- I for sure would eat the cream puffs, if you're fat anyway, everyone already knows why. The leg thing? No, I'd stick with pants.

Whatever! YOU are the funny one! I was just telling Camille the other day that I read your blog one night and was literally laughing out loud, and even re-reading parts because they were so funny!!!

I'm adding your shit to my friends list.

Camille said...

The kitty cake was a real hit until it melted in your car! Oh well. It still tasted good right? I say bring on the puffs (especially if mom made them!) and you know you are talking about yourself not shaving for 5 years and wearing skirts! At least your leg hairs are blond!

Camille said...

Is Seth bald? Why the ratty bandana all the time? Not that there's anything wrong with baldness. Just wondering.

lessdirtydirt said...

Hey seester keep your thoughts kind. He's on his bike 90% of the time. Gotta protect that cute head from sun burns.