Monday, May 12, 2008

Rotton watermelon

So i've been thinking a lot lately about where i'm going to move to, or if i'm going to move at all, or who I could live with if I did move or if I did stay. Lots of options I guess. I was thinking about how angry I am at compost girl, yes thats what we'll call her in this blog. I sit home alone at my house and my anger keeps building and building because it smells funny because of all of her weird stuff, she wrote all over the walls the Sarah and I painted last summer (with chalk, what are we 5 now? come on girl, COME ON work with me), and the compost has got to go I just can not deal with it. Finding a giant bag of rotting watermelon in my kitchen just was the last straw for me. So I sit here and i'm angry and I think of all the things I want to say to her when she gets back from work tomorrow. I even rehearse what I'd like to say in the shower. I lay in bed and I lose sleep over it. But today when I was talking to my friend about it she said something that made my entire outlook on the situation change- "So you would rather kick someone out with nowhere to go than try to compromise?"
I am pretty selfish sometimes.
And sometimes when I try to tell someone how I feel it comes out all wrong. Even when I think i'm just being honest and straight forward, people think i'm being really mean. I generally have good intentions and would never be out right rude to someone unless i'd received that kind of treatment from them first.

Well Kit, you're right. I need to compromise. I need to lay down the law but I need to compromise as well. I want everyone to be happy and I want it to be fair. This girl has no idea that she is even doing anything remotely annoying at all. Which... might make it more annoying for me? I don't know. So i've decided that i'm going to try my hardest to be really assertive tomorrow. I need to be firm and make it clear that there are certain things that need to change. But I might have to bend a little too. I guess we'll see how it goes. I don't feel like jamming a fork in her eye anymore though. I'd rather be nice, I realize that gets me a lot farther in life. Mama always told me to kill em' with kindness. Or wait, didn't she also say if you don't have anything nice to say, just say nothing at all? She also told us if we didn't abide she'd make us wear our seat belts :) I love you mommy.

In other news, the gaydom of my cats is still pending investigation. Innocent until proven otherwise but I have received more incriminating photos.

Exhibit A.... Meeting in the living room, giving kisses as they pass by each other...

Exhibit B.... Family snuggles. You can't see it because my christmas tube covers it but I bet they had their tails intertwined.

Exhibit C.... Mid day naps together, Elton resting his head on Coops bottom.

I guess i'll just learn to accept my children no matter who they choose to love. :)
Here is a cute picture of the good room mate. This is my long time friend Mary Beth Bates.

She is a good cook, so is her mother.

Since i'm bored at work, I plan to bore you all with photographs. I have literally thousands of pictures stored on the web.... SO i'm going to start with something that makes me smile really big. If you're ever feeling blue and you need a good chuckle, grab your digital camera, point it at yourself, and blow your lips real hard like a horsey.

Impressive flappers Boy.

Camille needs to practice ;)

Those make me happy :) I think thats what i'll do when I go home tonight. Yes yes I know I lead a pretty pathetic life, thats when you know its a sad life, when you're excited to go home so you can flap your lips for the digital camera. But hey, whatever makes you happy right?

I found this little picture a while back and it reminded me a lot of my family.

Not because they eat a lot of lard or anything hahaha but just because they tease me a little for not eating meat, and they about killed over when I started baking vegan cupcakes. Now now I must say that my family has been so so so so much more understanding a tolerant and accommodating of my eating habits lately. There is always yummy food that I can eat at dinner and Mom always asks me what she can make me. And papa is always more than happy to BBQ up my veggie burgers :) I really appreciate it so much. It was hard for a while when i'd come to dinner and there would be not much I could eat. I know its my choice to eat this way, and i'm not complaining at all. I'm just really happy that my family loves me no matter what I do or don't eat and its good to know they are willing to order and try new things or bake new things just for me. I love you guys, thank you. And Dad, who knows, maybe someday we'll chew on some steak together again. But for now you can just keep blowing the meaty aroma in my direction.

Also this picture here reminds me of Kara Burns aka Peterson. This is a shout out to her fo sho. And to any other whiteys who find themselves speakin gangsta talk. Kate- Camille- you know you do it. Who can resist that old school rap? I openly admit to frequently listening to Coolio- Gangsters paradise. Snoop dogg, Dr Dre, Eminem... Not their new jams though, I'm talkin circa 2000. Back when the jams were jamsey and we were able to flow like original G units.

Ok I think thats all i'll bore you with tonight...
WAIT NO... One more thing guys....
If you love me you'll buy me one of these....

Only like 1400 Bones, so no big deal right?


Camille said...

Where do I start? I know I need to practice the horse lips, but then I think.. maybe it wasn't meant to be. My lips will never be as flappy as yours and I should just accept my fate. I AM gangsta though. I AM I AM I AM!

Keelee & Jackson said...

Haha!! Okay, that... was funny. Like, I've never seen anything quite like your flapping lips, that is a talent yo!! Camille, you might wanna practice a little.

Schneids said...

Candice i just wanted to tell you, Brandyn and i were peeing our pants reading this post and we did go home and try it out. we didn't get such great pics but we did laugh and just wanted to say thanks for the entertainment!! love ya!!!

Kara said...

Ha Ha ha!! Gangsta fo life!! :) Love your guts and lets go to lunch and eat vegie delights together k!! He he. P.S. Colin's friends are all married and have kids!! :( I would have loved to have you in the circle.