Monday, May 19, 2008

Awethome weekend.

Weekend was pretty alright. I love staying at my moms.
Friday night I had dinner with Sarah, that is always fun I miss seeing her pretty face every day.
Saturday I was lazy and then I went to my moms for a BBQ, fell asleep on the not so comfy couch.
Sunday I worked, did my laundry, hungout at moms some more. Had dinner. Ate too much. We put the living room back together. Well they did, I sort of helped slash sort of watched and played with Liv.
We've been talking about what its gonna be like in a couple years. Camille and Kellen will have moved and taken our sweet Livvy. The boy will be on his mission reppin good old JC. Hopefully Kate will be moved home by then. If not it'll just be the parental units and I. Not that it'd be bad that way, but damn its gonna be hard. I don't think any of us are ready to think about it realistically yet. But folks, time goes by fast and it'll sneak right up on us. We'll cross that bridge when we have to though.
Crazy how life changes and we barely even notice it. Obviously sometimes we have huge drastic changes that effect us immediately but there are also those slow gradual changes that we don't even mean to do. They just happen. I love looking back. At old pictures and journals and remembering all the crazy stupid stuff I did. Remembering haircuts and clothes and places I lived and people I met and how fat I was and how i'm starting to look like that again haha.
Life is crazy. I'm just glad I have amazing people around me who take such good care of me and allow me to be who I am even though i'm mostly nuts.
My breath smells like garlic. Sexy.

I hope everyone has a fantastic monday.

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Camille said...

FOOOOOOODDD! I love bbq at moms. I always eat too much. In fact, Mom and I have both gained weight since I've moved back in! Ha ha ha... Sucker!