Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I texted the viking to tell her that if she stole my G2 i'd raise hell.

Needless to say, she brought it back to me.
If you haven't tried this brand of pen, you're missing out folks.
Go pick one up, keep it in your wallets for when you have to write out checks and hold up the line at the grocery store, or for when you meet a hottie downtown and you want to write your digits on his hand, or for whatever reason you may need a pen for. You wont be disappointed.

Work has been pretty insane today, and I feel like the next few days are just gonna get much worse.

I'm gonna need some serious kitty snuggles.... Like dis:

And some poo poo cookies (mom and camille- get on it).

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Camille said...

Making the poo poos tomorrow. What time are you coming to eat them? I love that you put the Viking in her place. Deiny always steals my pens and so one time I found the keys to his drawer and took his dental floss and nivea hand cream and he freaked out! He Hehehohohohahahah!